The Ache

Like the black and blue

After a blow

Like the raw-skin sun burn

The knife-edge scrape of the unkind wall

On the back of your hand

The pen scratching gash on the pure sheet

The word ripping wounds into the soul

How I’ve treated you, my body

Marring me, scarring you


(c) mamuangandmacarons

(c) GreenMountainJC from flickr

(c) GreenMountainJC from flickr


First post

The dreaded First Post. The fear. How to begin an anonymous, virgin blog? For me, this is a fresh beginning. A random amalgamation of thoughts on food, recovery, university and general life.

Blog name

“Ma muang” is my favourite fruit – it means mango in Thailand, the country that I was born in. Macarons are pride of my other nationality – for those who are unfamiliar with Ladurée and its many successors, macarons are a traditional French pâtisserie.

Food is important – it has been a passion my whole life but for many years it has also been a problem. I’m a recovering bulimic but I don’t want my blog to focus solely on my eating disorder – just as I don’t feel defined by my illness. I mean it to be personal but also positive. I’m learning to rediscover food in a fun, healthy, and happy way, and would like to share my journey with you! 🙂

With love xx

Photo: osbern, flickr

Photo: osbern, flickr