First post

The dreaded First Post. The fear. How to begin an anonymous, virgin blog? For me, this is a fresh beginning. A random amalgamation of thoughts on food, recovery, university and general life.

Blog name

“Ma muang” is my favourite fruit – it means mango in Thailand, the country that I was born in. Macarons are pride of my other nationality – for those who are unfamiliar with Ladurée and its many successors, macarons are a traditional French pâtisserie.

Food is important – it has been a passion my whole life but for many years it has also been a problem. I’m a recovering bulimic but I don’t want my blog to focus solely on my eating disorder – just as I don’t feel defined by my illness. I mean it to be personal but also positive. I’m learning to rediscover food in a fun, healthy, and happy way, and would like to share my journey with you! 🙂

With love xx

Photo: osbern, flickr

Photo: osbern, flickr