The Ache

Like the black and blue

After a blow

Like the raw-skin sun burn

The knife-edge scrape of the unkind wall

On the back of your hand

The pen scratching gash on the pure sheet

The word ripping wounds into the soul

How I’ve treated you, my body

Marring me, scarring you


(c) mamuangandmacarons

(c) GreenMountainJC from flickr

(c) GreenMountainJC from flickr


About mamuangandmacarons

Thai and French. Final year at a university I used to hate but have grown to love. I have been bulimic seen I was 18, and have been seeking help for it for the past year. The road to recovery is long and winding but I am trying to rediscover food in a healthy and happy way :) xx

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